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NOUN | ma·v en | mey-vuh n

1) an expert or connoisseur, 2) a person who knows a lot about a particular subject

Welcome to Isogo

Discover your talent. Develop your team.

Eye-So-Go or Eee-So-Go? Why Isogo? I often say that our 3 year adventure in Japan was the only force that could put my Achiever in check. Dial down Achiever. Dial up Connectedness. Dial up Intellection. And the result was Isogo. It is the name of the town where we lived, where life challenged and changed. And from those years in that town, unveiled a platform to help others Grow and Succeed, to discover those energizing things that will lead to ultimate, unique success—in life, in work, in relationships, in teams. That is what Isogo is.

Meet Becky Hammond

Founder | Growth & Success Maven

Hi there, I’m Becky Hammond!

I live and breathe Isogo’s mission of “fueling life-changing stories through the power of YOUR unique and brilliant Strengths” and bring a unique family-first approach to my StrengthsFinder® work. I thrive on writing, team building, creating awesome resources, those big ah-ha moments, connecting over coffee, podcasting, adventuring with the fam…and a healthy dose of chocolate!

As for the nitty-gritty…MBA & Master of Health Sector Management from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State. BA Psychology Summa Cum Laude from Azusa Pacific University. Among the original 100 Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches. Most recently the Director of Marketing & Provider Services at a for-profit healthcare org. 14 years of health-related industry experience, 13+ years of management & leadership, 3+ years coaching, training, and consulting. Self-described fitness & nutrition enthusiast. Wife of 17 years, mother to 3 {one who was born in the car!} and savorer of life.

I have been speaking the language of StrengthsFinder® in life, on the page, on stage, and at work for 10 years and counting…and I’d love to partner with YOU!

My Top Five Strengths

  • I am a champion for a mission I believe in. So, if it has to do with human uniqueness and value, sign me up as your biggest advocate.
  • Ceramics, html, radiology, fitness, parenting, eating plants…if it comes across my path, I can’t help but follow it, devour it, and use the new knowledge to inform my decisions and next steps.
  • I have a nickname, given by those closest to me--Beck-efficiency. I can't help it, I really want things to be most efficient, and I arrange and rearrange the pieces to be sure we get there.
  • I make lists, get energy from managing several things at once, set my alarm on weekends, burn the candle on both ends and have been described as the "pusher" in my family. (In the most loving way of course!)
  • In one flash of a moment, I see how the pieces in front of me fit into the bigger picture of yesterday, today or tomorrow. I know they all have a reason, and it often leaves me with goosebumps!

Meet Annie Elliott

Client Experience Content Manager

Annie here, a member of the incredible Isogo team!

I contribute to you, the individual and team that wants to experience the life-changing impact of a Strengths-perspective in your everyday work and everyday life!

I grew from a shy kid that loved playing piano and reading mystery novels, to a motivated teen loving all things school, tennis, and band. Then I proceeded to college earning a BA in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences from San Diego State University. I am an active Delta Gamma Fraternity Alumna, and I spent my college years as a Health Educator to my peers and was actively involved in the community and philanthropy (and still am). I came to know the Hammond family well, first as their babysitter, then by learning about Isogo and the power of StrengthsFinder®. Now, I contribute as an active part of the team that will develop you and your team. Time spent elsewhere is filled with finding new books to read, tending to my quaint flower/vegetable garden, and enjoying the sunshine with a cup of tea every morning.

I am so glad to be a part of your life-change through your unique and brilliant Strengths!

My Top Five Strengths

  • Everyone is capable of what they put their heart and mind to, and I find so much joy in seeing people overcome adversity, celebrate triumphs and watch their dreams unfold.
  • I am known for my intense desire for organization and order, it keeps me at peace to know everything is in its place.
  • People that know me will agree that I am forthcoming and honest. I am loyal and I won’t hesitate to speak up if I find something lacks integrity.
  • If you want to talk, I have ears that love to listen. Deep, genuine relationships keep my heart full.
  • Planning gives me an energy I can’t compare—it lights a fire in me that helps push me through the doubts of decision making (because I really don’t like making decisions!).
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