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Becky Hammond the Founder of Isogo

As acclaimed by Fortune 500 and internationally based health, wellness, and tech organizations, and as frequently highlighted by the GALLUP Organization, Becky Hammond is your Maven in creating training and coaching experiences to help individuals and teams Grow & Succeed.


Your best opportunity for growth and success is to fully recognize your greatest talents and learn how to develop them in your everyday life.

Welcome to Isogo

Discover Your Talent. Develop Your Team.

Eye-So-Go or Eee-So-Go? Why Isogo? I often say that our 3 year adventure in Japan was the only force that could put my Achiever in check. Dial down Achiever. Dial up Connectedness. Dial up Intellection. And the result was Isogo. It is the name of the town where we lived, where life challenged and changed. And from those years in that town, unveiled a platform to help others Grow and Succeed, to discover those energizing things that will lead to ultimate, unique success—in life, in work, in relationships, in teams. That is what Isogo is.

What Does Isogo Do?

Using the GALLUP Clifton StrengthsFinder®, Becky leads teams, groups, and individuals to discover their own natural Talents and the Talents of the people around them. Then, she guides them to intentionally integrate those Talents in work and life. Her mission is to discover your innate Talent to develop healthy, well, and productive lives and teams.

Her workshop and coaching experiences are fun, interactive, practical, and most notably—customized to you. She works in San Diego and throughout the country and would love to work with you and your team.



Isogo Services


Creating experiences for teams to tolerate, appreciate and contribute to huge success through their Strengths.


Chatting with managers, leaders, couples and the-average-jane to grow and succeed through Strengths.


Sharing content and ideas to fuel your Strengths.


Providing tangible tools for managers, coaches and families to put your Strengths to work.


Casting a vision for world impact through understanding the person beside you.


Bringing people together to share common experiences through their uncommon lenses.

I love uncovering deep-down-talent and watching it transform communication, relationships, productivity, teamwork and more. It’s how we are meant to best live and work—in our Strength!



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Success Stories

  • I think for me, I saw some of my Talents as a negative or "not good" like discipline and responsibility, but you were able to help me see the positive in them and I have also since realized that for myself and my family - it works and that they are positives and truly strengths for me! Thanks for awakening me to this!
    Julie G.
    Mom & Head Life-Shaper
  • As a self employed, independent contractor, my pay is based on results. One of my top strengths is Consistency, so I need standard operating procedures. Becky was able to help me establish an action plan which led to not just a modest increase in my productivity, but it actually doubled! Because I have had help learning my strengths, and spending less time focusing on weak areas, I feel my overall enjoyment level of life has increased.
    Business Owner
  • Becky put together a very targeted one-day workshop for us that was so helpful and insightful for our team. I was blown away by the professional customized workbooks that she provided, as well as the level of engagement she was able to maintain with my team throughout the day. We walked away understanding ourselves and one another better. I now use each of their strength assessments in my individual meetings with them to assist me in mentoring them and to help me better communicate with them in a way that will resonate with their perspective on the world and how they are uniquely wired.
    Melissa H.
    Owner, Manager, Photographer
  • We had the opportunity to employ Becky to do one-on-one coaching with our High Performing employees and we had phenomenal results. Everyone who worked with her said they learned a lot about themselves, how to work with others, and most importantly, how to be more effective on a daily basis utilizing their strengths. From an administrative standpoint, Becky was incredibly easy to work with so we could get straight into the exciting learning and growth that comes from her work!
    Abbey Z.
    VP People Engagement and Development
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the results when Becky Hammond of Isogo came in to work with our staff. In the time that Becky worked with us, we identified our individual strengths, our members' strengths, what we looked like as a whole, and how as a manager I could help my team "shine". The best part of Mrs. Hammond's workshop is the emphasis on strengths and how to develop them. This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Mrs. Hammond is extremely professional, educated and prepared. I would highly recommend Isogo for your team, family, or business.
    Gina V.
    L.A., R.N., C.O.O.
    Stephen P. Beals Skin and Laser Center

Amazing Clients

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The Gallup Organization’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment is the product of over 40 years of research in the field of Positive Psychology focusing on what makes people successful. It identifies a set of Talents, unique to you—talents that you can use to Grow and Succeed.